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Strat-type "Sickle" by Perri Ink

Custom Guitars, Bikes & Tattoos

Serious pin-stripe work!

Natural finish with gold flake accents 

This latest creation from Nick Perri at perriinkguitars.com aka Perri Ink Cartel combines both sport and elegance. Nick and his Los Angeles based crew specialize in custom guitars, motorcycles and tattoos-- so finish detailing & mojofication is their business.

The "Sickle" mixes Strat-savvy & a touch of bling, with some help from friends at Headcase Custom Art. Hardware includes handmade items along with a Callaham bridge/trem. Bare Knuckle's "Irish Tour" pickup set rounds out the sounds for an all around uptown bound for glory vibe. Although not pictured  here, the back (body) features more crimson stripping and gold accents (more pics at Perri Ink site).

And like every fresh Perri Ink Guitars release, Nick himself takes it for a video spin!  
Contact Perri Ink at the top link for additional specs, pricing/delivery, etc!

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