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Greg Curbow Strat-type, 1 Off Custom

Rare Auction - Mint, Original Owner

This Curbow guitar listing is a crazy rare and special find on many levels. According to the seller & original owner, this S-type was built in '97 by the late Greg Curbow to the owner's specs. Curbow, who passed away in '05 was a highly respected luthier, mostly known for building basses.

Seller notes "Not a Cort Curbow"-- but not to worry, as Cort only produces their offshore versions of Curbow basses. This guitar sports a one piece swamp ash body and passive Bartolini humbuckers with coil taps. Though mainly a Strat profile, the bridge gives a Tele nod. One mystery is the "rockwood" neck material that I'm not finding online *see bottom of post for full scoop!

This guitar is a "9.9" condition that's never left it's non-smoking house. I guess it hasn't been to church either... maybe it just watched a lot of TV.

Anyway-- iconic looks, hybrid features, top ingredients and a one-off config by a legendary/deceased luthier all add up to some nice mojo for players and collectors alike. Although Curbow basses will always be around, guitars are another story, and this one is sweet!

Item # 251183280714 location: Georgia, USA

*ed note: According to Florida luthier Mark Vinciguerra (http://www.vcustomshop.com/) who apprenticed with Curbow: "It is phenolic impregnated, dyed birch laminates, that are pressed under extreme pressure and heat. My Ultralam is the same as Rockwood! Heavy stuff, but truss rod adjustable, more stable than maple, but a bit brighter... not as bright as graphite... but similar!"


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