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FSR Lipstick Strats

Fender Factory Special Run

Fender's recent "limited" run of Lipstick Stratocasters feature Seymour Duncan SLS lipstick pickups described as "jangley". These American Standard models are alder, equipped with 9.5" radius, modern "C", 22 med-jumbo frets. Although the trem is a 2-point, they use vintage style bent steel saddles.

The tone control is a No-load, which acts like no pot in the circuit when dialed all the way up. Great for experiencing peak resonance of any pickups! I dunno how limited these are, lots are listed right now-- available in Torino Red, Lake Placid Blue and Shell Pink. 

Remember SRV's "Charlie" Strat used original Danelectro lipsticks.

Speaking of SRV, imagine the ultra-skank of a Shell Pink Lipstick Strat with the classic Scotch Tiger pickguard and backplate. SICK!


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