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Fender CS - MB Jason Smith Chambered Tele

 One-off, Lime Green Quilt Maple Top

GTRSTORE of Brooklyn is currently listing this crazy Jason Smith Masterbuilt Tele. Yes, once in awhile we feature a random Tele when it's extra special... or unusual.

First, ya gotta click on the photo for the big bong hit close-up image details. I can talk like this now cuz I'm in WA State, ok.

We're talkin' AAAAA (5- count 'em) grade quilt maple top and a serious birdseye neck. Then we get unusual with a "chocolate" finish back & sides, and oval jade inlays listed as "matching". Sure, why not? I mean, the jade markers do match one another... Oh yeah, and remember it's chambered. So in any case, this is definitely a unique combination, one-off Tele. Masterbuilt too!

Current listings

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