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Eric Gales' Magneto Raw Dawg - Friday Strat #279

"Raw Dawg"

STOLEN GEAR ALERT!!! 6/26/13 - 3 Guitars stolen from the home of ERIC GALES in North Carolina (probably Greensboro area). 1) Magneto Sonnet "Raw Dog" (featured in post below) a gold Strat type with gold hardware, a one-off signature. 2) Xotic Strat Type, Blue finish 3) St. Blues, Orange finish - Strat type. Please contact police if you see anything, as well as Eric Gales via Facebook!

Here's Eric Gales just the other nite (Nov. 2012) rockin' the Iridium in NYC with Billy Cox on bass! Eric is playin' his namesake "Raw Dawg" Strat-type, built by Magneto Guitars who have added the Eric Gales (Sonnet) Raw Dawg to their standard line. 

Gales Links:

www.ericgalesband.com - See more pics and info on the new guitar.


Magneto Guitars Pricing USA


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