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Aerosmith Dimension Review

New Album Release

Aerosmith Music Dimension Cover Art
First of all, I'm not an Aerosmith fanatic, nor am I usually that excited about new releases by classic rock era bands. But Music From Another Dimension (released Nov. 6, 2012) is easily one of Aerosmith's best ever. And I go back to Get Your Wings, Toys & Rocks... because, well because I'm old. But not as old as these geezers, and they rock it on this album!

Recent album releases by ZZ Top & Joe Walsh, did nothing for me. Love the artists, but not how the stuff is produced and Pro-tooled to death. And Rick Rubin, a Guru? Schmooroo!

But if you're a guitar player and gear geek, this new Aerosmith album is full of serious guitar tones and textures from some righteous vintage hardware. The production (Jack Douglas), engineering, mix and tunes are OLD SCHOOL with air and organic feel. Perry & Whitford are riffin' their "A" game as well as ever too. Just know I didn't even seek this album out, it was on this morning's new release list at MOG, so I gave it a spin... and have been blasting it all day!

Sorry, no tune by tune breakdown here (and I haven't read a single review). Hi-lites: Check out the Stonesy "Oh Yeah" and "Street Jesus", not the only rootsy party rockers either. And for the 40-50 something cougar crowd, there are 2-3 good power ballads here too. Steven Tyler still has the pipes, similar only to Edgar Winter-- whilst Plant, Daltry & Geddy have all lost an octave. Tyler just needs to stay clean and on his feet (not too close to the edge of the stage), and not push that larynx in a nightly tour schedule.

But point is, if anything could transport you back to 1975-76 energy, groove, attitude and analog production vibe, this is a keeper. And if you're an Aerosmith fanatic, which I still insist I ain't, your train has just rolled in AGAIN! This don't happen too often either, so I urge that you partake! Especially if you're in Colorado & Washington State...

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