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Vero Gotham Amp - Living Room Upgrade

Boutique Guitar Amp USA Built

That's right-- a living room upgrade. And certainly, any spouse with taste, who cares about the appearance of this most important space, will get right behind this acquisition...

At least that's what the folks Vero Amplifiers are hopin' for.

Currently listed by Texas Guitar Ranch in Dallas, this Gotham model is a maple lover's dream. Based on the '59 Bassman, with a capacitor bypass switch for '58 Bassman sound (and how friggin' esoteric is that!) this includes a midrange in addition to presence and bright. The four 10's consist of 2 Jensen/2 Weber config for even more tonal variation. But mostly it's pretty, and perhaps too pretty since it has had 2 previous owners besides TGR. Coulda been jealousy situations-- or maybe they couldn't decide on the appropriate matching drapes & drink coasters. Ya know how rough things can get.

Actually, this amp could be bad juju. So maybe whoever buys it should re-cover it with black tolex, drag it up and down the street a couple times and pour a beer on it. Just another dilemma of our times.

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