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Rosewood Tele Thinline - '94 NOS

Custom Shop #1 of 25

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Taking a Strat break to feature this rosewood Thinline Tele! Don't see this very often. FIRST of a 25 piece run from 1994, this guitar was originally a store display that the dealer decided to bag away for awhile, thus the NOS status.

Dunno full specs/history on this guitar. Being a Thinline, it's not a Harrison tribute RW Tele. Although the top and neck are obviously rosewood, the skunk stripe and body back appear to be mahogany? It has a satin finish and includes COA and tweed case. Oh yeah, the FCS neck plate is stamped "01 of 25". 

Hot Licks Guitars of Aiea, Hawaii currently lists this guitar along with a whole lotta ukeleles-- now there's a shocker!;)) Contact them for details, specs and Spam recipes.

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