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Original Schon Guitar and Other Boutique

1986 Schon (Jackson Build)

This long extinct Schon guitar by Jackson (Neal Schon guitars were also produced by Larrivee) is just one cool specimen of many currently listed by East Coast collector and eBay seller tuneyoursound - 100% rated, 4k+ fb.

The Schon guitar is #68 of 200 built by Jackson. It is all original, down to the solder joints (hehe, they actually say solder joints;). Seller has tons of pics, and info. Be sure to check his other stuff too-- not the usual fare. He's even got a C.P. Thornton guitar listed, as well as Grugget, Ted Newman Jones, Foster, Anderson, Shamray and lots of vintage Burns, Mosrite, Rick's, etc... Check 'em out!

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