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New Cruz Masterbuilt Seafoam - Friday Strat #277

Cruz MB Strat Available! New...

Relic "New" that is.

Yep, it's Masterbuilt

Click images for close-ups

According to a gear demo vid I saw, by Anderton's Music in the UK, there's a 4 year waiting list for Fender CS John Cruz Masterbuilt guitars. They also mention that FCS cut off order taking at 4 years. Oh yeah, and they say when someone orders a Masterbuilt, you don't communicate directly with the luthier, but just provide specs you want. I assume if you spec a Velveeta cheese body, somebody's gonna get back in touch to clarify. Otherwise, that's kinda how it works. At least according to the Anderton's clip... But do your own research, ok. Fender Consumer Relations 1 (800) 856-9801


The Music Zoo of NYC has our featured Cruz MB Strat Ultimate Relic Seafoam IN STOCK. It's new too! Specs include: alder body, '57 style soft "V" neck, medium jumbo frets, CS 60's pickups, 7lb 11 oz., COA, candy, case and a bone nut taken from the luthier's femur... Ok, that last item isn't confirmed, but you should tell Consumer Relations that Stratoblogster said it is.

The important thing is you don't really have to wait 4 years for a new Cruz MB. And either way, you ain't talkin' to JC anyway. So just live with it, and get it refinished while all those other picky bastardos continue to wait for theirs. Any questions?

You're welcome!


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