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Gary L. Jacobs Strat-type Guitar

Rare, No Longer Built

AA flame maple top, scrape bind on mahogany back


Click images for close-up

Currently listed by eBay seller/boutique dealer tuneyoursound, this Gary L. Jacobs guitar is a rare and interesting find. I was intrigued at finding no website for the builder, but mostly Ed Roman related buzz on some discussion pages. Then I noticed a photo of the neck pocket includes marking: "Make N Music Fredrick, MD".

I called Make N Music, and was fortunate to speak with a guy who remembers this very guitar, which they also have a record of. Jacobs made his very first guitars for them, this guitar being #05. It includes Gotoh hardware and "custom" pickups, we don't know about, as the person I spoke with seems sure Jacobs didn't wind his own coils. The builder hasn't produced guitars for awhile. He also built guitars for the late Ed Roman, who also may have produced knock offs-- another reason I contacted MNM.

Anyway, a bit of boutique guitar history for you.


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