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Teuffel NIWA - Friday Strat #275

Strat Evolution

Images by Ulrich Teuffel-- Click for close-ups!
As lots and lots of guitar builders work on creating a better Strat, German luthier Ulrich Teuffel takes his mission quite seriously!

Teuffel's NIWA model, as alternative as its appearance, is still obviously Strat inspired. And whether or not you particularly dig his aesthetics is another thing. But just know that this instrument is built with extreme precision, top grade woods (yes, it's still wood!), and great hardware. In fact, I only just discovered Schaller's Sure Claw in checking out this guitar-- a highly adjustable claw that is way beyond the standard one.

The new Fall 2012 Guitar Connoisseur magazine (all online!) features an in-depth interview with Teuffel, who is very influential and respected within the German luthier community. His approach to pickup winding is particularly interesting, along with how he does other stuff.


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