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Modified Strat Bridge Plate

Improved Strat Trem Function

 Our friend Andy Preston of UK's Wudtone Custom Guitars & Finishes has introduced this new CP (constant pivot) bridge plate for standard 6 screw Strat bridges.

Click Here for another video.

The link above takes you directly to all details about this bridge plate which functions more smoothly and efficiently due a little trick with the existing plate design. Nifty!

Recent feedback from an Aussie user:

"Ten years ago, I bought a Mexican built Strat from a pawn shop for $70, she was in a mess but I cleaned her up and had a new set of Fender pickups installed.

The Guitar sounded great, but it would go out of tune if I so much as touched the tremolo.
Consequently I have never been able to gig with her...

Recently my good friend and personal Luthier, Dingobass of Perth Australia offered to install one of Wudtone's Constant Pivot Plates for me to road test.

At first, I was rather skeptical but as I trust Dingobass's judgement on all things Guitar I packed her up and sent her to him.

Two weeks later I got her back, and after tuning her up I went straight in "for the kill"....

After ten minutes of playing dive bombs, warbles and whammy's she was still in tune!
I rang Dingo and after swearing in delight for a few minutes I managed to say that this is the best thing to happen to Guitars since Leo Fender.

The response, return and sustain. Oh the sustain! The clear bell like top end tone, meaty almost feral bottom end, I can hardly believe that this is the same Guitar...

Thanks to Andy for designing this miracle and to Dingobass for sending it my way, I now gig with this Guitar with full confidence that she will stay in tune and sound great no matter what I play."


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