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LSL 3 Tone Burst CV Strat-type

Carl Verheyen Model


Martin Music - Memphis is currently listing this new LSL Verheyen burst model named "Sonia". Every LSL guitar is given a female name, kinda like hurricanes used to be named until they finally started including male names in order to be politically correct I guess. But don't expect LSL to name any guitars after guys. Maybe special order, ok-- call LSL if you need something in a "Steve". 

We're moving on now...

LSL makes serious great guitars by hand, wind their own pickups and everything. Good buzz out there on these instruments! And an amazing bang for the buck too. This CV model is price pointed slightly higher than where Fender CS starts, and it's arguably a Masterbuild caliber guitar. Do your research, and check TGP, TDPRI, etc.

Martin Music has lot of LSL guitars in stock right now, including some of the T-Bone Tele-types.

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