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JST - Almost Always Never REVIEW!

 Almost Always Never

Joanne Shaw Taylor's Guitar Wants to Kill Your Daddy!!!

Just for the record, this girl has been on our radar since 2006, when Stratoblogster first featured her in October of that year as well as a few other follow-up posts including an interview. So know that!

JST's latest release (her 3rd), Almost Always Never is a killer! She's one of those guitar girls that isn't just "a good guitarist for a girl" either. Ms. Taylor is just good period-- and she sings great too. Right now (9/22/12) this album is #14 on Billboard's Blues chart, and climbing.

Her 3rd album isn't as bare bones power trio as the previous ones. A new producer on board has added some B-3 into arrangements that taste like Joanne and crew have been diggin' deep into serious vinyl mining territory of Classic Rock, Blues and R&B. But it ain't retro for the sake of retro so much at it's a spiritual journey into the timeless voodoo of that stuff.

The opening cut, Soul Station, gets Jimi with it as our Strat-o-Sister delivers a blistering solo through an octave pedal. The title tune cuts real deep into some Knopfler zones solo-wise, followed by a heavy attitude tune called Tied and Bound. And I'm not gonna tell ya any more other than to say that this is stuff you always expect from Jonny Lang, and this album should get our girl some serious notice in the upper Blues levels! 



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