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Verrilli Built In Amp Strat-type

 Sweet Spots Nailed Down!

Frank Verrilli's BIA (Built In Amp) S-type guitar is NOT like any old cheezy all-in-one configuration- responsible for putting the "cheezy" in this sort of thing. Just skip ahead to 06:30 and listen!

Not to be cheating with any of that gimmicky Sustainer/Sustainiac/Ebow nonsense either, Frank has managed to scale down the old school mock-up of the pickups-speaker-amp, psycho acoustic spacial relationship, into a miniature Woodstock stage magnetic field of dreams. Are you listening? So imagine what happens when you clip an SM57 onto the body; right over that speaker, and plug into the PA. Jeez!  "I see we meet again!"

We've featured Verrilli's guitars a few times at Stratoblogster. He does a variety of builds ranging from artsy carved bodies to Strat-Tele hybrid configs to vintage style relic-types. The BIA model features Kinman noiseless pickups, nitro finished/medium aged alder body, 9.5" radius neck with jumbo frets. Custom designed amp-speaker components are configured, matched, located, spaced and painstakingly tweaked for optimum sweet spot behavior that you can take anywhere, except under water-- mermen take head! 

We can only imagine what Frank has in store next! Preferably nothing nuke-ya-lure...

Frank Verilli Guitars are available through Destroy All Guitars -- purveyor of several fine boutique lines.

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