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Jeff Calvin's '57 RI Mary Kaye - Friday Strat #272

Natural Wear by Owner

Click for close-ups!

 And chops to go with it!

Our Friday feature comes from Jeff Calvin, who purchased this Fender Mary Kaye '57 Reissue brand new in 1987. In the nearly 2 and a half decades since, Jeff has gigged with this Strat in various bands from East to West Coasts and back. We feature plenty of factory relic Strats here, but it's always a treat to see the real thing-- especially with its sole owner, AND very much still in service!

Basically, Jeff has played the hell out of his Strat, and it only gets better, like that favorite old pair of boots or jeans. Other than some pickup swaps, tuners upgrade and a refret or two, it's carried on. The gold is always first to go on these models. But seriously dig the strap wear on the top bout, and bare areas in both cutaways! I don't think this one's for sale, but you can ask Jeff about that...

Currently based in Central PA, near Harrisburg, Jeff is about to release a new CD. For details, more bio and great tunes, head over to: www.jeffcalvin.com

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