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Finland's Prog Guitarist Elmo Karjalainen

New Release from Longtime Strat-o-Brother!

Serious! We first profiled Elmo Karjalainen in 2006! One of our very first Strat-o-Brother features, Elmo was then playing in Finnish band Deathlike Silence. Back in the days when MySpace was cool, and it was easy to surf from one band/musician page to the next by checking an artists top friends display. Remember that! Discovering guitar players was easy and fun then!

Anyway Karjalainen's new solo album Unintelligent Designs (ck samples at Amazon) contains a wide array of stellar guitar work reflecting metal/prog/fusion influences with more way humor & soul than angst. You can tell that Elmo listens to Jeff Beck & Scott Henderson as much as he gets into Yngwie, Vai & Satch. Guitarists in Finland tend to soak up every genre out there-- I've heard amazing chickin' pickin' Tele twangers from Finland... Surf too! Not to mention amazing guitar builders-- can you say JUHA!

Elmo's all instrumental album cover includes this important-

"Parental Advisory: This record contains many tunes that are over 3 minutes long and no singing, and is thus totally unsuitable for anyone."

Check it out!!!

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