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Fender CS 57 Sunset Orange Trans Relic

Greg Fessler Masterbuilt - Friday Strat #271

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 Heavy Relic
It was only a matter of time until they were gonna do a Relic with the Sunset Orange Trans finish. Actually, it's only a matter of time before anything gets relic'd. But before I digress to wax philosophic...

BTW, just so ya know, I prefer to spell the past tense of relic with an apostrophe d "relic'd", instead of an ed as in "reliced", which looks like a repeat infestation of lice. Probably a chronic condition with some of those guitar forum types who like to spell it "reliced". Drives me friggin' nuts!   

Geez! Now where did all that come from anyway?

Anyway, 57 Masterbuilt Heavy Relic Trans Sunset Orange. Kinda brings out the best in ya, don't it! And what better way to salute our last Friday Strat feature of August 2012. Ridin' into the sunset with 2 piece ash body, Abby wound Fat 50's, "V" neck (9.5" radius), 6105 frets and severely, yet tastefully, abused nitro with tint in the neck. And Masterbuilt, so you know you're gettin' your money's worth of authentically delivered, hi-end quality abuse complete with a warranty! Why expect anything less? 

STREETSOUNDS NYC of Brooklyn, is listing this as new with COA's, candy & case.

Have a nice weekend!

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