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American Vintage Hot Rod '57 - Friday Strat #270

Fender 2 Color Burst

Nitro finish. Because you demand that stuff!

3 piece body, 2 color burst & a USA flag sticker thingy... I'm gettin' all dizzy here!

The "hot rod" aspect of Fender's AVHR '57 Strat is mainly the DiMarzio Tone Zone twin blade HB in the bridge. Before a single whisker of tone snaps back from the first blade, the 2nd blade catches it for an extra comb filtering shizzle along the scale length for that fatter shave. And remember kids, those Samarium Cobalt Noiseless middle & neck pickups are actually stacks-- so this Strat is humbucked every which way but loose juice!

Otherwise, the 2-tone finish, 6 screw bridge & 21 fret soft "V" neck provide as much visual & tactile vintagy titillation as yer gonna get from a non-relic, production Strat off the Lazy F ranch assembly line today. And absolutely NO HUM! Although, what's wrong with a little hum here & there, now & then anyway. We're talkin' Strats after all!

Anyhooo, Houston based Fuller's Vintage Guitar is currently listing this as new with a nice case too. And BTW, they're also listing a real vintage '58 with all the hum $20K can buy-- because we live in a world of twists & turns for every taste, budget, priority, purpose and agenda. That's what I'm here for! So stay thirsty my friends...

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