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Sonny Landreth Gear - PG Rig Rundown

Serious kudos to Shawn Hammond at Premier Guitar for this fabulous Rig Rundown feature with slide MONSTER Sonny Landreth!

If you're not hip to Sonny, go listen to some of his stuff or better, check out some Youtube clips-- THEN watch the above video. This is a 40 minute video, so make popcorn ok! The first half is all talking as they go over gear. Then there's plenty of licks as we go thru the pedal board.

Gear hi-lites include Landreth's high affinity for his T-Rex Delay which we are very proud to plug here. Also, the Sanyo eneloop "Pedal Juice" lithium ion power pack for pedal boards. If it works for Sonny, it'll work for you. I sure love mine!

Most important is that the 2nd half also gives us a great look at Sonny's amazing technique. Landreth is like the Eric Johnson of slide with Cajun flavor!

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