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Marcus King - Young Guitar Wonder

Greenville, SC's Secret Weapon!

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Just stumbled onto this young cat from a random Google news alert on a gear term, of which I delete several per day. Go figure!

Meet 16 year old Marcus King, who coulda been 14 in the above video. Andre Gallant of Athens, Georgia's Banner-Herald posted just yesterday about Marcus in words more eloquent than I could muster: 

"...there might be no better bluesman or woman than a teenager: Emotions are stirred by the send of a text; hearts are mangled like Twizzlers at a matinee; and the primal need to shout out one’s lungs bubbles up daily..." (read full article) 

This kid is the real deal-- guitar and vocal-wise! And the Marcus King Band is pretty cool too. It was tuff to decide which clip to post here, so ya better head over to Youtube. Some vids include Marcus's Pop Marvin King, a pro musician with serious chops of his own. When father and son play together, it's like Duane & Dickie-- and not in any cheezy, superficial way either. These guys are feelin' it in their bones,  and makin' it their own! Go check it!

From the MKB Facebook Page:

It's a real blues groove, with a lot of jazz and funk

Artists We Also Like:
The Derek Trucks Band, North Mississippi Allstars, The Allman Bros, Widespread Panic, Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings! 

Perhaps no surprise there. But you just can't "teach" feel like what Marcus has, even with all the great influence he must have grown up with. They even cover Little Feat's Spanish Moon and James Gang's Funk 49!

So if you're ever near Greenville, NC, look up The Marcus King Band! And hopefully when Marcus gets outta high school, they'll show up in your area.

(We find them!!!)

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