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Knaggs Chesapeake Severn T2

Friday Strat #268

Knaggs Guitars Severn model Strat-type guitar

Distinctive Guitar LLC of Chicago has some cool hi-end gear! This Knaggs Chesapeake Severn Tier 2 is a nice change of pace with interesting looks and features.

Even though builder Joe Knaggs is PRS alum, this guitar has 25.5" scale. Woods options vary with this model. This looks like alder with maple top and wenge pickguard. Flame maple neck is 8.5" radius with tall skinny frets and a "61" neck profile, which might mean a large "C"...

You'll need to contact www.knaggsguitars.com for details about their bridge design, pickups, neck joint and anything else not mentioned above. They have more than a few tricks!

Distinctive Guitar has been stocking & listing lots of Knaggs inventory, including a few Severn models, so keep an eye on 'em!

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