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Fender MB Jason Smith Strat Friday #266

If a Strat floats in water, is it a witch?

Relic Tangerine over Burst

 Lucky Strikes?

Item ID# 110914326606

Seller: alan1irwin eBay Store seller - San Diego

That scale says 6 lbs. 14 oz. Just click on the image for bigger views. And the seller says, "...no bathtub tricks". I'm not exactly sure what that means, just glad he didn't get it wet. I even Googled "bathtub tricks" and found out how to clean your tub really fast... cool!

This 2008 Jason Smith Masterbuilt comes with COA, OHSC and all candy still sealed in plastic (waterproof, good!). Other pics show that stuff, as well as plenty of fretboard closeups revealing zero fret wear. So this one has mostly been in the case for a few years-- unbathed.

Specs-wise, it's got a quartersawn neck with 6105 frets, FCS 60 black bobbin pickups and a mint pickguard. You'll have to contact seller about radius and neck contour shape. Looks kinda like a big vintage "C" with 7.25 - 9.50 though.

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