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Buddy Guy & Hayden Fogle at Recess

76 Years Young - July 30, 2012

In honoring Buddy Guy's birthday today, we're also recognizing 12 year old Hayden Fogle, seen jammin' with Buddy just last month at University At Buffalo's Center for the Arts. The Orchard Park, NY youngster had the opportunity to meet with Guy backstage before his June 12, 2012 show. Although not exactly planned, young Hayden was invited to join the legend onstage for a jam... when Buddy was (strongly, no doubt) informed the kid could play well.

Hayden Fogle joins our Young Guitar Wonders directory. Kudos to Hayden's parents as well as his guitar instructor, Buffalo area Blues guitarist, Mick Hayes! Not many youngsters nowadays are interested in the Blues, much less even know about it. But there are more than you know-- so the Blues is alive and well! 


Thanks Sis!
  And Happy Birthday Buddy Guy!!!

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