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Vintage '64 Shoreline - Friday Strat #265

Fender Original Custom Color

Genuine 48 year old accumulated knob crud!   

 Picnic time! Eddie remembers the Kool-Aid!

Seller: Guitarville By Vegas:

If I'd seen this one last week, we coulda had a '64 for our 264th Friday Strat. Oh well... None other than Eddie Vegas is listing this vintage '64 custom color Shoreline Gold-- originally a 1959 Pontiac color according to ReRanch. Listing photos include neck butt stamped Dec. 64 and pots dated 3rd week of '64. Eddie says it's been refretted with 6100 wire (jumbo). Otherwise, it's original with case, trem arm and bridge cover. Pickup specs are included. The fat "C"neck and alder body combine for a skinny 7.6 lbs. Picnic goodies not included. Watch out for Yogi Bear!
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