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LSL Saticoy Bel Air Blue Guitar

"Christina Louise"

Check the checking!

Item ID# 380437215397
(New item - at Martin Music, Memphis)

Like hurricanes once were, every LSL guitar is given a female name. Christina Louise here is a Saticoy model in Bel Air Blue. "Saticoy" is LSL's S-type model name, and the word means "It is sheltered from the wind." in Chumash, a Native American tribe of the Southern California area. 

Now ya know...

BTW, their T-type is called a "T-BONE". Any questions? There might be a pop quiz later. Oh, and T-Bone's also have female names only. Don't go there.

Anyway, serious players rave about LSL guitars. Stratmeister Carl Verheyen even has an LSL siggy model. These are hand made-- even the neck shaping. And pickups are wound by LSL. All finishes are nitro, and most guitars are aged to closet degree with no major thrash. The vibe is vintage, with rolled edge fretboards, 9.5" radius and med-high frets. This one is alder, but LSL is also fond of sugar pine bodies, and turn out some 6 lb. T-Bones!


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