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Joe Walsh & Friends - CMT

Joe's Chops Best Ever!

photo: msn.com
Anyone else catch this gig on CMT? I don't know their rotation, but watch for it and catch it!

Joe is lookin' real good these days, and his playing is high energy too! He outplayed everyone on the show, including Brad Paisley. And Billy Gibbons worked to stay out of the way. The only player who really impressed besides Walsh was a real young cat named Hunter Hayes who can sing and riff with lots of soul.

Other than Gibbons, guests were all contempo Country artists. Hey, it's a CMT thing, ok! And Paisley is a badass player-- but he had some trouble groovin' with Joe who couldn't be more on top of his game. Now Joe has his own way of talkin' and he makes some goofy faces-- as he always has, but the guy is healthy and happy!

So try to watch it. Lots of cool gear too, although I still haven't figured out what the black guitar he opened with is. Somebody let us know at Stratoblogster Facebook!

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