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Friday Strat - BEST OF, DOUBLE SHOT!

#1 - Molinelli - G-Spot

Here's an all time favorite. Waaaaay back on our Friday Strat #7 (Nov. 2006), we featured the "G-Spot Spezzial" from Molinelli Guitars of Milan.

Click the above links for details and more photos. Yes, leave it to the Italians to transform that ever elusive g-spot into the convenience and easy-access of a sexy fine guitar you can work with.

#2 - Saguaro Custom Guitars - SEDONA

Notice how body thickness thins way down from butt to neck end.

Sandwiched aluminum frame connects bridge to neck.

Our big Friday feature #189 of Oct 2010  came from Saguaro Custom Guitars who make this innovative S-type called a Sedona, and also their Tombstone T-type. Those are your choices folks. But really, what else is there anyway? If you were looking for something else, you probably arrived at Stratoblogster by accident. Check the links above for the full scoop!

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