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Fender CS Showmaster - Friday Strat #263

Carve Top Custom Shop

Duncans, 2-point trem and inlays

Pearloid buttons & locking tuners (headstock face is black)

Set neck/rear controls/top loader
Item ID# 261041082212

Seller: Jamie Hayes Gallery

Dunno much about Showmasters, especially Custom Shop ones. No time to get swamped up in some TGP recon research odyssey-- that's your job if you dig the vibe of this guitar. Anyway it's got a Team Built logo back of the head, and looks pretty clean. Seller is clean too, although they're into other stuff besides gear... weird stuff.

So, I got no specs on this one. But the Showmaster is quite a hybrid, with Tele headstock, mahogany set neck, S-body, etc. Also, not shown above, is an LSR nut... Go figure! 

Not your everyday Strat, but it's this week's Friday Strat. Submitted for your approval...

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