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Cp Thornton Guitars - HTL, S-type

Small Craft Innovation!

A friend let us know about Maine based boutique guitar builder Chuck Thornton. That's still a bolt neck, and the trem claw is attached to it! Hell yeah! And the innovations continue, as Thornton has plenty new tricks like you ain't never seen. Notice how the pickguard/bridge area of the body is slightly raised. That's not just for looks-- he does this body tilt thing ya gotta find out more about.

The HTL model is Thornton's S-type offering, loaded with details and great components. He also has T-types, LP and archtop stuff. All classic platforms, but innovated in unique ways that inspire and just make sense! 

Thornton has somewhat of a tribal following of loyal owners doing his marketing for him. And apparently, Walter Becker recently bought a Thornton. It's cool to see an American builder steppin' up like this. These days, so much sexy guitar upgrade comes from Finland, Germany and Belgium. Way to go Chuck!

Spend some time at www.cpthorntonguitars.com. It's a very beautiful and interesting website for the guitar connoisseur! 

 Note: Should be a Friday Strat feature, but I just couldn't wait.

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