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Another Hamiltone SRV 001 S/N?


 Item ID# 200772404541 

Seller: meestursparkle Japan based eBay Store, ships worldwide.

Well, we ran across one of these last year that claimed to be the same thing, s/n 001. Only that US seller said it was built in 2004. He also wanted to assure us that his was no Asian knockoff.

This listing from Japan indicates a '95 build, has COA and other documentation, including letter from Hamiltone. The pickguard autographs are claimed to be those of Tommy Shannon and Chris Layton. This guitar is NOT SRV's original "Main" by Hamiltone, but it's supposed to be the 2nd one built, which received the 001 serial #.

Hell I dunno folks! This seller has lots and lots of pics inside and out, and claims to have plenty of documentation, some of which is pictured in the extensive listing photos.

Serious interested parties could simply contact Hamiltone.com for some verification assistance-- however, that site is a bit sketchy, and I'm not sure if Jim Hamilton himself is even affiliated anymore. So ya gotta hit TGP and make a few calls I guess. Good luck! Otherwise, the pics look great!

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