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Anderson Classic Blonde '98

Low Wear!

Barden S-Deluxe pickups!

Clean! Back equally good with white pearly covers.

Jumbo frets, no wear!

Item ID# 200775380413 - Minnesota based gear seller.

Here is a very sweet 1998 Tom Anderson Classic upgraded with Bardens and graphtech saddles. Those Barden S-Deluxe pickups go for $150+ per coil! Click the images for close-ups. The body is swamp ash with a trans blonde finish. Back of the neck is tinted. Vintage style trem. And includes all orig. paperwork and case (with at least one small tear). Seller mentions no longer having the stock pickups. I think the Barden's will probably do. Yes, they will. They will do.

This guitar has a serious vibe & is priced to sell (same as a new Fender EJ). Listing includes lots more great photos. CHECK IT!!!

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