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Willie Nelson's Guitar Amp

Ebo Customs Del Rio Class "A" Boutique

Item ID# 170830804164 

Seller: eboteksrv2a6t (Ebo Customs eBay username)

"Ebo" is short for Eric Borash, Nashville custom amp builder, who created the Del Rio Class "A" Boutique combo featured above. Yeah, they're built in Tennessee for Texans. So just remember "T for Texas, T for Tennessee..."

Of course Willie has one of these! It's 35 watts with a 12" speaker and what they call a "massive" transformer. You'll need to contact them about who's speaker and transformer they're using. At the Ebo Facebook Page (only site could I find) they say this amp accepts a variety of octal tube types without re-biasing, for an 18 to 40 Watt range. The top panel's 3 chickenhead knobs are marked "Gain/Tone/Top" along with toggle switches for power and Stby-- and there's a fuse. A head version is also built, with a separate 1-12 cab. Plus, there's a choice between solid state or tube "rectification" (a little Texas-speak there I reckon...).

Reverb would be nice, but I guess the pan space must be reserved for some sorta secret custom Willie humidor sauce compartment aka "Full Nelson Stash" option... Hypothetically speculating of course. 

Ebo sez:

"...It sounds a lot like it looks...ultra-twangy "clean" spank, harmonically-rich, dynamic overdrive. Not a high-gain welder, not a pristine-clean jazz amp...just all that great stuff in between."

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