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Taos Turquoise Strat - '05 CS Relic '56

Fender Custom Shop 2005

And even a Taos rug...

Item ID# 130685627234

Seller: hillwilhelm

Ya just don't see many Taos Turquoise finish Strats. Fender offers a kinda, sorta, similar color in the Eric Johnson Rosewood series that they call, "Lucerne Aqua Firemist". How do you suppose they arrived at that name?

At any rate, here's a Taos Turquoise, Custom Shop from '05 with all its candy, case and COA. Seller claims this color is from a 100 piece run-- which I saw mentioned elsewhere in a Google crosscheck. Although, other runs have included this color. Still, it isn't nearly as common as Surf, Daphne or even Shell Pink. Okay, so I'm done talking about the color already...

Other features and specs include: Ash body, boat shape "V", 9.5" radius neck with 6105 frets. Pickups are Mark Kendrick design with RWRP center. The paint is obviously nitro, neck is tinted, and they say it weighs in at 7.2 lbs. The guy says to make offer cuz his car broke down-- so don't get hung up on the BIN amt. Maybe you should also ask about the rug Mr. Lebowski!

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