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State of the Stratoblogster Update

Hey readers! Even though this blog has kinda slowed down, and it seems like we're always just pimpin' eBay gear listings, there's actually a lot goin' on behind the scenes with me guitar-wise. So maybe I should blog about it, huh!

In December we moved from Oregon to Washington State. Still in the Pacific NW. Great culture in this part of the USA. I'm also involved with a new guitar magazine project you'll hear more about in the not too distant future. Plus, I'm spending some very cool hang time with a major gear industry expert who just happens to live nearby, and has a HUGE vintage collection that staggers the mind! So I'm getting the opportunity to check out unbelievable gear, some of which will be featured here eventually. 

We cannot divulge the identity & location of said collection and its owner. Still, I'm learning a ton about early Fender & Gibson guitars and amps, first hand. 50's era Gibson amps are amazing,! Although that's certainly not a secret to savvy vintage amp people, the 50's amp culture is very Fender dominant. A 1958 Gibson catalog I got to check out featured several amplifier models. Gibson produced amps beyond the 50's, but their real golden age was the fifties. And I'm getting to check many of these in person.

Also, we think we've made a milestone historical discovery about pickups, tracing back to the single coil P-90 version introduced in Gibson's 1946 ES-125. We have a new theory about this pickup that doesn't come up in books and data bases about vintage pickups. And I can't talk about this anymore, yet?...

Anyway, stay tuned and thank you for checking out Stratoblogster! This blog was started in August '06, and I'm still thinking of ways to keep things interesting--even though it doesn't always seem like it. The Directory and Special Features links at this blog reveal some of the more exciting stuff we've managed to organize over the years. Remember to visit and comment at our Facebook, where you're always welcome plug your Strat and share any cool guitar culture!!!

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