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Standard Strat, Callaham Upgrades

2001 Sage Green & Muy Clean!

What's not to like?

Very cool listing here! This 2001 Standard Stratocaster - an MIM - has been upgraded with GFS lipstick pickups and full Callaham vintage style bridge with saddles and shallow recess steel block. Looking at all the listing pics, with closeups of finish and frets, this guitar appears pretty unplayed. Sage green with MOT pickguard and rosewood looks downright classy, while still very affordable for the working player.

The modern "C" has 9.5" radius, and it comes with a gigbag. A new MIM Standard Strat without these upgrades costs about the same in 2012 dollars. So spring a little extra for a hard case, and you still come out pretty good. I guess this could be our deal-of-the-week find! They say the Callaham stuff "...really makes this Strat come alive!"

Item ID# 261019190501

Seller: Sheldon's Guitars based in Fredrick, MD is a Top Rated seller with great feedback and plenty of very cool guitar listings.

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