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Review Phil Brown - Live In Seattle

Guitarist/Singer Changes Up Hendrix & Beck

Here's another cool review disc from Grooveyard Records that I'm diggin' like crazy! Phil Brown has a great way of putting his own twists on iconic material. Besides being a huge fan of Hendrix tunes and Jeff Beck licks, Brown has a vocal style that determines a lot about how arrangements come out. This guy has been writing for and sessioning with a broad spectrum of artists & genres for a long time. 

An online Guitar Player feature by Michael Ross provides an amazing look at the life and times of Phil Brown. Just to give you an idea of how difficult it is to nail down Brown's vocals, he's been called a cross between David Bowie and Frank Sinatra, or Don Henley-- so I guess ya gotta hear him yourself. On the Live In Seattle album, I keep hearing Tony Bennett stretches, which creates a pretty surrealistic mental picture as a Beckish guitar navigates Spanish Castle Magic.

Below is a 1 hour video I found while researching for this review. Phil cranks a bunch of mostly Strat configs through a Bogner Shiva and Goldfinger 90, along with a variety of effects. Best hour of "TV" I've spent in awhile! Great playing, tones, techniques, gear-- and a good perspective on the artist, and his process.

I personally find Brown's pick-less approach inspirational. It's no secret that Jeff Beck doesn't use a pick either, but Phil also does some rhythms, chording and voicings outside of Jeff's territory. All bare thumb and fingers-- which is something I've been workin' on for a couple years, resulting in a style I call "Sloppy Joe". Anyway, Phil Brown has lots goin' on-- on different levels. And he definitely represents the Strat!




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