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Review - Greg Koch, Strat's Got Your Tongue

Grooveyard Records Re-release

Originally released in 1995, and long since out-of-print, this Greg Koch instrumental, Vegas buffet of riffage is newly re-issued on Grooveyard Records. Grooveyard is great guitar oriented label with quite a lineup of Strat players they wanted us to know about.

Strat master Greg Koch has become better known in recent years with the help of Youtube, as a clinic player, instructor and Fender spokesperson in NAMM videos. A monster player, Koch is a walking, talking, playing lexicon of styles and licks. He's equally adept from chicken pickin' to Larry Carlton phrasing to Jeff Beck tricks, with seemingly every other significant classic era guitarist tossed in for good measure.

Like me, you might find yourself playing Jeopardy; dissecting Koch's constant stream of the Guitarist Who's Who. Sometimes it's distracting and maybe even a bit annoying. But if this guy lived on my block, I'd be on his porch all the time for tips, techniques, tools, lawn & garden advice, gasoline for the mower, recipes, whatever...  

Click Here for Grooveyard's page for this album with song samples, more reviews and order info!

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