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John Suhr Factory Tour

Six Part Video Interview and Tour

In Spring 2011, Italy's music and gear site visited with guitar gear builder John Suhr. Click their Youtube channel link for the full series. In Video #1 above, the host only speaks Italian in the intro, so don't worry about it.

This feature provides some SERIOUS insights on several aspects of the gear biz. These folks didn't send a crew all the way from Italy to SoCal to do some kinda lightweight fluff piece. Besides learning a ton about Suhr's operation and approach, you also learn lots about the gear industry, tools and materials. 

Here are a few key items to pay attention to: 

  • Wood 
  • Finishes
  • CNC
  • Heat treating
  • Frets
  • Plek
  • Tuning systems, i.e. Feiten, Earvana, etc...
  • Pickup Magnets
  • Amp Building
  • Point to Point wiring vs PCB
  • Transformers
Although it sometimes seems like every boutique builder & guitar expert has different opinions, John Suhr shares some highly valid info here. For example, Suhr & Finland's Juha Ruokangas might be on opposite sides of the CNC fence, but both have very similar perspectives on nitro vs urethane, wood and heat treating. 

Whether you're a gear builder, considering getting into it or just interested in what's involved-- this series is a must watch. If you dig it, also check out the Ruokangas Youtube Channel where you'll find a very informative lecture series and a build project video documentary.

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