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Censored SNL Mick Jagger & Jeff Beck? NO SHIT!!!

SNL May 19, 2012 - Still Can't Say "SHIT" Everywhere...

In some places, local NBC affiliates censored Mick Jagger's "Tea Party" Blues tune on last night's SNL. Fortunately, the above official NBC clip is available for the web, where we can say SHIT. Not that I feel the need to say SHIT constantly.

But last night, I waited through the entire show to see Jeff Beck perform with Mick in that number, only for my local NBC affiliate to cut to commercial after the opening verse where Jagger uses the word SHIT. They conveniently returned as the song was ending. I thought there might be some political reasoning, but it was only due to the word SHIT, which is a really bad and offensive word-- especially in the year 2012 when it's nearly midnight. According to LA Times, NBC let it go out; leaving it up to the local stations on what to do. 

The infinite wisdom of KNDO/KNDU in Eastern Washington State determined the word SHIT, at 11:50 PM, might destroy the fabric of society in the Pacific Northwest. Reportedly, this occurred in other parts of the US like, oh... Utah, Bible Belt-- I can only speculate y'know. This reminds me of that Sammy Hagar thing at Farm Aid in the 80's that prevented us from watching EVH on live television, which was a big deal in the 80's.

Anyway, Jeff Beck was The SHIT! And I'm happy we can share it right here!

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