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Jack Pearson - Nashville Strat-O-Brother

Give Him a Guitar... Any Guitar!

As we observe "MIM Monday", our friend Geoff turned me on to this video as a reminder on how much tone and feel comes from the musician. Above is a recent clip of Nashville artist Jack Pearson playing a Squier, which Geoff says is 100% stock. No doubt the guitar has been set up expertly, but beyond that it's all about Pearson's playing!

I'd never heard of Jack, but most of us have certainly heard him since his resume stretches around the block and across genres. The Bio page at www.jackpearson.com tells ya more than enough, and probably only a fraction. Why he's playing a Squier is anyone's guess. Possibly just to mess with any Nashville guitar snobs in the house.

Pearson joins our Strat-o-Brothers archive for his pure Zen ability to be one with the guitar... No matter what! And also for the Sam Elliot stash!

The lesson here is to not let a low budget stop you from being musical. Get a guitar you can afford, get it set up correctly and just get into it!!!

(@Musician's Friend)

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