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Gibson Vintage 55, GA-45T Maestro

Collectible Guitar Amp Sale

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May 16, 2012
Seller: Warpdrive Music aka Cream City Music, Wisconsin 

"A vintage 1955 Gibson Maestro GA-45 amplifier in fantastic cosmetic condition. This is the rare 4x8 version, and it features the same circuit as the highly sought-after GA-40 Les Paul amp...

This amp has been cleaned, serviced, and tested. It is fully functional, and sounds fantastic--with killer overdrive and an exceptional tremolo circuit. Not to mention it is cosmetically the cleanest example we have ever seen..." 

Here's a tonelicious vintage studio amp for guitar or harp! Let your harpoon friends know about this one!

Cool find by a great seller. Listing includes lots chassis/inside pics, specs and info. Includes original transformers, speakers and footswitch. Cord replaced with 3 prong. Various caps and resisters replaced, but looks like they have original replaced ones.

I bet this amp sounds the way bacon smells... Mmmm!!!

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