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Fender CS 59 Shell Pink Relic Strat

Matching Blues Jr - 2006 NAMM Special

It's always important that a pink Strat be very heavily relic'd so as not to be associated with a "girl model instrument". This re-branding by relic results in a Strat for old guys who chase young girls... OR a Strat for women who have been playin' a long time or wanna make it seem like they have, which may or may not be appealing, depending upon their talent.  

Item ID# 270986745623

Seller: A House of Treasures aka Lee County Music/ Florida

So, if you just happen to be in either category, this could be what you've been seeking. Oh yeah, and the guy currently drives a Miata-- while the gal with this guitar owned a Miata in the mid-90's. The Mustang GT 350 represents the guitar dealer.

AND... The truth is... You're the weak. And I'm the tyranny of evil men. But I'm tryin'... I'm tryin' real hard to be the shepherd.

COA, candy and OHSC is included. No other specs, so contact the seller for details.

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