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Clapton's Crossroads Solo Covers

Even a Bass Version!

This is from bassist Jeff Berlin's '86 "Pump It" release. Jeff plays EC's classic Crossroads solos note-for-note on bass. Vocal is none other than Buddy Miles-- and guitar is a very young Paul Gilbert. But for our purposes here, disregard the guitar, and focus on the bass solos.

Next, Click Here for Eddie Van Halen's impromptu cover of this classic solo at the request of interviewer Lisa Robinson in 1985.

Although I'm sure Jeff meticulously dissected and transcribed the material, EVH probably threw it together by ear. Not to say Ed didn't work to hammer it all out though.

I've even played all this myself but still can't do it seamlessly from beginning to end. After breaking it down into parts, and learning them separately, I'm not always on the best fingering when moving to a next part. So that stuff has to be worked out as well in order to flow correctly. Then at some point it can get tedious, and ya gotta move on for awhile. Plus, we pretty much know Clapton only performed that solo once that way. 

Still, this solo has lots of essential code. So many Blues/bar band guitar players don't even touch on any key cues of this solo when covering Crossroads. Don't ya think that solo identifies with that song? DUH! 

Hey-- make it your own & do what you can, but keep the message intact, because original guitar solos are music just as much as the main song structure and changes.


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