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Chapin Stratahoula Guitar

Boutique Strat-type

The glasses inlay is a Chapin logo.

Item ID# 150806037573

Search term "Boutique Guitar" at eBay, set to Priced Highest First, turns up a dazzling array of gear. You'll find anything from hi-end acoustics to a bunch of serious amp names to some geeky-ass pedals to even a few solid body electrics. It's a friggin' menagerie-- an expensive one at that!

But this Bill Chapin "Strathoula" is a cool enough find. Listed by a private seller, currently selling some other boutiques, i.e. Brubaker & Dillion, this guy is pairing down his gear. It's ski boat season after all.

This guitar weighs in at 6.5 lb with a natural finish alder body. A medium "C" neck has 9.5 to 10" radius (not much of a compound stretch there). Custom pickups and titanium block round out other listed features. You'll wanna contact seller for more details. www.chapinguitars.com is a pretty basic website, referring to DAG and ToneGurus as dealers-- however DAG doesn't show any Chapin, and the other outfit's site is down. But there's plenty of Chapin chatter at The Gear Page and other similar guitar discussion destinations. The builder is based in San Jose, CA.

Hey! Gotta bring ya something besides Fender Custom Shop once in awhile, right? Also, I've always wanted to use the term "dazzling array".

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