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Caparison Apple Horn Jazz

Solidbody Guitar Anomaly...

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Japan based Caparison Guitars builds a signature series for Mattias IA Eklundh known as the "Apple Horn" models. The Jazz model featured here is especially odd in so many ways that it just might be a cool guitar regardless...

The absence of a trem seems key to the "Jazz" moniker, at least appearance-wise, although other factors are involved. A mahogany topped walnut body kicks off the oddness. Okay, so we focus on Strat-types around here, and maple on basswood is usually a stretch for us. But hey, the bound neck is maple with rosewood, giving me a couple seconds to gather my wits. The "IA" inlay is really at the 12th fret, cuz we're talkin' 27 frets here-- jumbo ones too! 

Notice ONE knob on the body. That's a volume control with a double push-push for pickup selection. The hell with a tone control-- it's a Jazz axe. And in case you're wondering where the input jack is, it's recessed just under the rear strap button. Check out the string ferrule offsets in back! Both the pickups and bridge are made by Caparison. Tuners are by Gotoh, and the nut is a Graphtech TUSQ. The finish appears to be a hand rubbed stain type; they just call it "Brown special finish". Finally, the 2 x 4 tuner config is opposite EB Music Man's 4 x 2 headstock.

So, what starts off as yet another modern super-strat profile soon gets more & more alien as you keep looking at it! Unfortunately, I couldn't quickly find any demo clips or Youtube stuff with this model. Although I'm sure this guitar shows up in some of Eklundh's Freak Guitar tracks, which a little homework should reveal.

eBay Stores seller meestursparkle (also Japan based) is listing this guitar as new with hardshell case. Worldwide shipping is $150.

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