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Zion Radicaster Custom Flametop

Striking Guitar!

Birdseye city!

The Pulp Fiction GLOW!

Contrasting back plate and pickguard? Ya think? 

This guitar is actually scary looking! Between all the birdseye in the neck/headstock, the amber flame top, the gold hdwr and that blinding mother-of-migrane pickguard with white pickup covers... I just dunno. It could be radioactive or something. Zion calls it a Radicaster.

Not a lot of specs in the listing, but it does have Fralins, Sperzels and a spiffy tweed case. Seller is a store outfit with good feedback and a phone # for getting more details. Somebody out there is just gonna fall in lust with this guitar, and play it till their teeth and hair fall out from all the gamma being emitted. Give 'em a coupla months, tops!

Seller: Big Bang Comics And Collectibles, Pittsburgh, PA. 100% positive, 1K+ feedback. Check out the action figures!

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