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Yellow Submarine Bass Guitar???

We All Lived In... A Bass!

Yellow Submarine Bass Guitar

I don't blog about basses very often, but when I do, I drink too much Dos Equis and look for something like this.

Ya just can't get too serious about custom basses. Cuz when you do, it can really open up a can of sardines. So here's a can of Fab Four Sardines; a brand you can trust wherever better sardines are sold.

Produced by UK based custom outfit, The Painted Player, this unit was created on an American Vintage '57 P-Bass platform. They do lots of cool stuff with replica instruments and custom/graphics like this one! The Yellow Submarine Tribute bass is probably best for bassists who also happen to be the band's lead vocalist-- or perhaps own the PA system. Otherwise, I figure you show up for the gig with this, and you get fired for stealin' somebody else's thunder. Definitely do not bring to an audition! Otherwise, it could be just the chick magnet you've been lookin' for! "Up periscope! Down periscope! Dive!"

Currently listed by: skyshook (I suspect is TPP's eBay user name)

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