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Vintage 58 Fender Strat - Museum Quality!

Time Capsule Condition 1958 Strat

 Click images for close-ups!
Light tint for '59! Goin' off the rails on this crazy grain too!

All orig case candy!

Refin? Do your due diligence collectors!

Item ID# 360462367636

Welcoming the month of April, this April, 58 produced Strat is easily the best preserved 50's Strat I've ever seen! Both the neck butt and body cavity are marked 4-58. Click the pics for closeups of the finish, and just look at the lightness of the maple-- the neck grain patterns are absolutely crazy! The listing page includes good, clear photos including disassembled shots with electronics, saddles, etc. Aside from oxidation and some discoloration of the bridge plate screw heads and the saddles, this Strat looks amazingly springtime fresh! 

Seller: tune_o_matic aka Vintage Sales Inc of LA. Includes original tweed case and all orig. candy, i.e. paperwork, brochures, cord, polishing cloth, etc. Phone # in listing. Call 'em! 

Note: Just know that I wouldn't plug this one if not for the seller's 100% positive, 3K+ feedback and other hi-end gear listings.

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